82 Crochet Braids Hairstyles For African-Nigerian Women You Can’t Resist

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October 19, 2017

Hi Ladies, Crochet braids hairstyles seems not going out of fashion soon. it is simple and beautiful. Hardly any new style that is as popular as crochet braids hair styles or latch hook braids. Crochet braids hairstyles are on going hot trend. You can wear these braids up or down or both to keep your hair looking as versatile and elegant as you want. Watch out the different styles of…


50 gorgeous Nigerian braids styles every woman must give a try

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January 6, 2017

Nigerian women are gifted with hard textured hair that is strong from roots to the top .Since its quite hard it holds braids well but  not that tight depending on the hairstylist you have used  and it looks good  on any lady regardless of your face shape. However some different styles of braid look good too particular face shapes and skin tones so with the help of your hairstylist and…


Amazing Micro Ghana-Nigeria Braids Hairstyles

September 27, 2016

You can make your hair that is super frizzy attractive and you keep it under control. you can make it look cool, sleek and stylish. All these can be achieved with micro Ghana-Nigeria braids. The hairstyle is incredibly modern and alluring. It will beautifully shape your face and it will bring out your beautiful features. Micro Ghana-Nigeria braids are tiny braids that will change your hair completely. There are numerous…



September 3, 2016

Cornrow Braid or what many African women call weaving/ Ghana braids is the perfect hairstyle to try mid week if you are tired of your present look. Its a style for all ages, it can be simple or complicated whatever tickles your fancy. Below are some ways you can go when choosing this look. KEEP IT SIMPLE Decide to maintain a simple cornrow braid by taking it all  to the back without…