Hi soon-to-be Mammas!

Comfort and style play a vital role when it comes to dressing during pregnancy. As always, what feels right in week eight  may feel wrong by week fourteen. Besides, what perfectly flatters your curves during the second trimester may become rather indecent by the tail end of your pregnancy. All these are just are just bound to at this stage of your life.

You don’t have to be a maternity fashion guru or a mother before knowing that soon-to-be mammas face unique fashion challenges as each trimester arrives. The very stylish ones try as much as possible to look their best no matter how big they become with their bumps. These are the cute pregnancy street styles this season;

This cute elastic wrap gown is one of the cute pregnancy styles on the street this season.



Don’t leave your lovely pencil jean to those chics alone. Rock yours on the street with a beautiful loose chiffon top this season.



Attack that pregnancy street style this season with this skimpy chiffon gown and be as free as a bird.



A maxi dress usually works for your bumps any day, any time; It never goes out of fashion. This is just too perfect for the street.

mat2 plus-size-maternity-clothing1


Another way to look gorgeous in your pregnancy street styles this season is to slay in this cute and simple sleeveless stripes gown.

White and blue

White and blue

Not only would you achieve those comfy looks in this flowing maternity dress, you would also look royally adorable.

bump wedding


A lot of us would fly if we had wings like birds…winks… Just take charge of the streets with these cute pregnancy street styles.

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